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Nursery and Preschool Curriculum

Kids World 2 Inc. is a specialized early learning program that includes a general preschool curriculum for ages 2 through 5.  Each month, the owner and Program director provides a newsletter to highlight topics to be explored during a given month.  In addition to the general preschool curriculum, children will be enriched by a unique learning experience that includes learning and retaining information through music enrichment and artistic experiences.  We have formulated this program to create the most fulfilling learning journey for your child! 

Classical Music, musical genres and Learning

Classical music and other genres have shown to have many benefits in learning and brain development for children as young as 5 months old and even as early as fetal development.  In our program we have created experiences such as "Making Art to MozART" and “Building blocks to BACH” as different ways for children to enhance learning and while simply playing

Music Appreciation  Expression

Each day, your child will enjoy many forms of music appreciation and expression. They will be given the opportunity to play different instruments such a piano keyboard, shakers, drums, xylophones as well as other instruments, and of course their voices for singing. 

Music and Literacy

Children learn by musical sounds and rhythms.  There is a focus on teaching children letters and language development through musical styles and structures.  This will help prepare your child for continued literacy throughout their childhood. 

Special Music activities

Once a week, assistive technology will be used to enhance their knowledge of music.  Educational videos will provide them with information regarding different music structures and concepts.  Children will also learn about different musical instruments from real-life musicians. 

STEAM+M Learning

STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has become a tremendous teaching tool in early childhood and beyond.  Kids World 2 Inc. has introduced a new type of STEM learning called STEAM+M which includes Art and Music.   These activities will allow your child to begin problem-solving exercises using their creativity which are important skills to begin introducing during preschool.  Each week for 30 minutes, your child will enjoy STEAM+M activities and projects which will be used to help with focusing on tasks while helping to retain their experience.

Music, Movement and Fitness

Each day, your child will get to move, dance, and exercise to their favorite songs and music.  Certain movements and stretches will be led by their teachers.  This is important for their gross motor development and a fun way for them to get daily exercise!

Music for Yoga and Meditation

At this age, preschoolers are constantly doing activities and staying busy during the school day.  Music for yoga and meditation for minutes a day is a great way for your child to relax and unwind from the busy school day. Children will sit or lie on a mat, close their eyes, and listen to calming music while their teacher helps them get into a relaxed state.  Benefits of meditation include more disciplined focus and of course relaxation. 

Live Piano Music Entertainment

Once a week, we will have a piano player come to play popular children songs in which they can sing along and dance to.  This is another way for children to get daily exercise, learn spatial coordination, develop gross motor movements, and muscle memory. 

Artist Explorations and Expressions

Each month, the children will be focusing on famous artists and artworks of our time.  They will be recreating and providing their own artistic expressions to famous works of art by Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollack, and more.  Sculpting is also a great way for children to create art by molding and manipulating dough to enhance their fine motor development and inventiveness. 

Spanish Workshop!

This year, we will be launching a Spanish Immersion course of study to our afterschool enrichment schedule.  Your child will be immersed in the Spanish language with fluent staff members.  The benefits of learning a second language can improve a child’s mental development, creativity, and imagination. 

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